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On my heart

Melissa Champlion

"God is not limited by our lack of faith"

The Lord has placed such a burden for people on my heart. My desire is to see everyone experience the Lord like I do, a true, personal relationship with Him, and for all to truly know the 'presence' of God. When I sit at the piano, whether in a church, nursing home, homeless shelter, prison, or where ever, I want people to experience the Lord's love, and peace.

This past month, the Lord has placed John 5 :1-14 on my heart. The pool of Bethesda. I read about the disabled people, lame, blind, paralyzed, etc., and as the story is told about one paralyzed man, how he waited, and waited just about all his life (38 years) just to reach the pool, as the water was stirred. Somehow, someone always reached it before him. But... one day, Jesus walked up to him and asked him, "Do you want to get well? "The man explained his problem, on how he had nobody to help him reach the water when it stirred. Jesus replied, "GET UP! Pick up your mat and walk! At once, the man was cured.

As I read on in verse 13, the word tells me that the paralyzed man had no idea who Jesus was. NO IDEA! He was a sinner (v.14) and Jesus STILL reached out to him.


The paralyzed man was made whole just on God's love alone. Yes, we are to have faith, because that moves the hand of the Lord, faith moves mountains, but there is another precious side of Jesus, his ultimate love. He will move when we least expect Him to, and touch hearts when we don't even ask.

I believe as I minister in music, wherever it is, that the Lord is not limited by anyones lack of faith or unbelief, and He will move, He will touch, and He will set free. But how much more when we have faith? Praise God!

I pray you know the Lord today in a personal way. Be blessed today, and know that God loves you so much.

Melissa Champlion

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