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                         On my Heart


By Melissa Champlion

"Are you getting ahead of the Lord??"

The story starts out in Luke 2:41.   Just picture it, Jesus was 12 years old, and he and his parents were going to Jerusalem for the Passover, as was the custom.  In verse 43, The Word says the Passover feast was over, and his parents were returning home, but Jesus stayed behind, but they were unaware of it.  They traveled on for a day, still thinking he was with them, but he wasn't.  After 3 days, they began looking among relatives and friends (v44) but could not find Him.  They franticly  returned to Jerusalem, to find Him in the temple,  listening to the teachers, and asking them questions.   Mary went up to Him and said, "Why do You do this to Your father and I?   We sought for you anxiously....

Key word, "anxiously".
Anxious:  Literally means "to choke" ; worried; eagerly wishing; causing anxiety.
Anxiety:  worry or uneasiness about what may happen.  
From the Webster's Dictionary

The Lord spoke to me about this verse.  
Mary & Joseph  got ahead of Jesus, and that's when they became anxious.  He was not by their side, or leading, but they went on ahead, not knowing He wasn't with them, because their eyes were not on Him.  When we get ahead of God, and our eyes are not on Him, we tend to become very anxious, well, I'll speak for me.  I do.  And I know most of you will agree.   Things just don't seem to "flow" with the Lord, especially in ministry.   I always want to keep my eyes fixed on Him.  Where is He leading?  Resting?  Waiting?  Sometimes we don't want to sit and wait for Him.... sometimes we think that we can get things "going" and start with out Him.  But sometimes He requires us to just "sit on the curb" (so to speak) and wait for Him.  When He's ready to proceed, He will.  He knows the perfect time.

Just to share a little from my life  regarding this whole thing.  My husband and I were offered a paid position at a church here and it would have been PERFECT for us.  More income, church right down the road, love and know the people,  etc... The more I looked at it, the better it seemed, and my heart wanted to do it so bad.   So we began to pray, and after a while, we felt a no.  I wrestled with the Lord, How can it feel so good, and You not want us to do it?!!?  You know how our little minds try to reason with God?? But, we just didn't have a peace about it.  So, we obeyed, as hard as it was, and we declined the offer, and still to this day, I my little mind questions God  about it.  It's my desire to worship, and to be paid at it!... AM I SILLY??  The Lord says no... It's better to obey... Hallelujah!  You know where I am right now???  Sitting on the curb, waiting for Him... Just playing with the little pebbles, and dirt, waiting.  I WILL NOT walk ahead of the Lord, or walk where He's not going.  I'm not going to have any anxiety, because I wont be worried what may happen, I'm walking with the Lord! He's got great things in store for us!  As hard as it is sometimes to wait, just do it!  You will be glad you did.

God is so good....  

Melissa Champlion

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